Velliv touches both hearts and minds in its new campaign

Since 2019, Velliv has established a strong market position with increased brand awareness and a growing market share. In the meantime, the competitive landscape has increasingly intensified, so Velliv strikes back with a new campaign that builds on its differentiated brand position through its unique value propositions.

About Velliv: Denmark’s third largest commercial pension company, with more than 380,000 customers.

To strengthen Velliv’s brand position and differentiate it in a highly competitive market.
A bold communication concept that brings Velliv’s business philosophy to life – that is focused on creating innovative solutions for the customer who own Velliv.
A clearly differentiated brand position as a pension company with a unique value proposition that stems from its independence and customer-ownership.
Being 100% independent makes all the difference

Since Velliv and Kunde & Co started working together on strengthening the qualitative awareness of Velliv, the results have grown to match that of its biggest competitors in the key target audience. Velliv has also been named Commercial Pension Company of the Year for four years out of the past five. And finally, the brand has taken ownership of the most important value driver within pension; ‘personal advicory’.

Speaking to the heart and mind

After having built a solid foundation, competition within the market intensified, which meant Velliv needed to add a new dimension to its brand. The task was to balance the more emotional approach and tone of voice that had characterised Velliv’s previous campaigns with a more solution-driven focus, without affecting its differentiated market position.

The final creative result is very much a metaphor for Velliv’s core philosophy: Velliv’s customers are put in the driver’s seat as part of a concept centred around the rhetorical question What if…?.
Putting your customers in the driver’s seat

Velliv is owned by its customers and offers some solutions other pension companies can’t. It’s in Velliv’s nature to question industry standards and find new solutions – so it made sense that this key differentiator should be mirrored in the new campaign and messaging. In search of the right balance between emotional and rational messaging, a thorough internal process was carried out involving several of the organisation’s key stakeholders.

A strategic media mix

To improve qualified awareness in the target group, the synergy between campaign messaging and media choice was important. Results from previous campaigns proved that the presence across various digital channels helped spread the message widely and increased awareness of Velliv among the audience. In this year’s campaign, the goal was to get the message out effectively with an integrated media mix across many different channels, ensuring high frequency and coverage in the target group.

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