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Developing a new brand strategy and identity for a non-profit organisation

Spar Nord Fonden wanted to develop a new brand and communication platform to express the values underlying its donation policy and to give the foundation a more independent identity while embracing kinship with Spar Nord Bank.

About Spar Nord Fonden: A foundation that donates approx. 50 million DKK to many associations and activities in Denmark within culture, social and leisure every year. The foundation owns a large part of Spar Nord Bank.

To help Spar Nord Fonden create a new brand identity and define the brand narrative to increase awareness of the foundation and the projects and initiatives it donates to.
A new brand identity and story, a new website and go-to-market strategy that supports the activities and goals of the foundation.
A foundation on which Spar Nord Fonden can build its communication and position in the future, so that awareness and sympathy for the foundation can be strengthened.
Building Healthy, Sustainable Environments

Spar Nord Fonden owns 20% of Spar Nord Bank, the fifth largest bank in Denmark. Through its ownership, the fund receives a large double-digit million sum each year, which is donated to a wide range of large and small beneficiaries.

The Spar Nord Foundation supports communities within leisure, social and culture with amounts that make a real difference to the beneficiaries. Spar Nord Fonden wanted to strengthen this story in terms of communication and therefore contacted Kunde & Co who would also help develop a new brand identity that gave the foundation a more independent identity while signalling the family relationship with Spar Nord Bank.


A clear brand identity

In creating a clear brand identity for Spar Nord Fonden, it was decided to focus on the logo and visual identity and to develop a clear brand story and value proposition for Spar Nord Fonden.

The task involved considering how close the foundation and the bank should be connected, and what should be emphasized and prioritized in the foundation’s new brand story.

To ensure that all relevant stakeholders were involved and felt that they were ‘part of the journey’, Kunde & Co organised a process in which the board, management and employees all actively participated. The process ensured that everyone could recognise themselves in Spar Nord Fonden’s new brand identity and story.

Spar Nord Fonden focuses on donating money to culture, social initiatives and leisure. Their focus is expressed in the concept ‘Fællesskaber der mærkes’ Communities that can be felt. This also reflects their heritage as being part of organisation with a strong local commitment.

The go-to-market strategy for a non-profit organisation

Spar Nord Fonden’s new brand identity is described in a set of simple and ‘easy-to-work-with’ guidelines.


Once the brand identity and story are in place, a go-to-market strategy can lead the way forward. In collaboration with Spar Nord Fonden, Kunde & Co identified the most important target audience, as well as the right channels for communication for a non-profit organisation. The goal is to raise awareness via different media channels and drive traffic to the new website. Spar Nord Fonden has already experienced interest in the foundation and anticipates this will, in time, also have a positive impact on the bank.

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