Ricoh Europe
Ricoh Europe

Repositioning Ricoh in the digital space

After building a legacy in the office printing business, Ricoh now expands into the world of international digital services, and with the help of Kunde & Co, sets out on a journey to empower workspaces around the world.

About Ricoh Europe: Established in 1936, Ricoh provides document services, consulting, software and hardware to businesses around the world. Part of Ricoh Group which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and operates in approx. 200 countries.

To reposition Ricoh Europe as a digital services company.
Development of a creative concept to bring digital services to life, website rebuild and thematic campaigns.
A strengthened position in digital services and an improved go-to-market approach for Ricoh Europe.
A new brand image for a new era of work

The workspace has become increasingly digitalised in recent years. As businesses around the world adopt hybrid set-ups to navigate the demands of a changing workplace, the market has become highly fragmented with an endless number of vendors trying to gain a share.

Ricoh Europe operates as a leading provider of digital services within this market. Yet despite its extensive portfolio of solutions, Ricoh is primarily recognised as a provider of printing solutions. To build a reputation as a digital services company, Ricoh set out to change its market position.

Kunde & Co supported Ricoh in conducting qualitative desk research, defining key business topics and investigating workplace challenges and concerns. These insights helped Kunde & Co understand the market and identify how Ricoh can better meet and drive demand.

Leading change at work

The findings led to the creation of a new creative concept, ‘Leading change at work’ that embodies Ricoh taking responsibility for driving workplace transformation and guiding businesses into the future of uncompromised work. It highlights Ricoh’s commitment to unleashing human potential harnessing the power and opportunity of technology and building better workplaces, both on-site and remotely.

The creative use of a stage in the ‘Ricoh red’ ensures that Ricoh stands out in the market while the subjects on the stage reference the breadth and diversity of customer challenges that Ricoh solves in the workplace.

The new concept positions Ricoh as a digital services company
Rolling out the new concept on web

To roll out the new creative concept, a full web refresh of hundreds of pages is ongoing and will position Ricoh as the digital services company that empowers customers around the world to work without compromise. Here, a bolder, more modern design with a new user-friendly customer journey will create space for valuable interactions to improve audience engagement.

icon-quoteKunde & Co is a trusted partner who dares to challenge the status quo. Their highly effective, solution driven approach is key to supporting Ricoh in repositioning our business for the future.”

Caroline Bright, Senior Vice President Marketing, Ricoh Europe


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