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Taking sanitary fittings to the next level

Using facts and digital campaign elements, Oras/HANSA SMART products and solutions have been positioned as the right choice for a better future.

About Oras Group: European manufacturer of sanitary fittings consisting of two strong brands, Oras and HANSA. A market leader across the Nordics and Continental Europe. Headquartered in Rauma, Finland, with 1,400 employees spread across 20 markets.

To position SMART fittings not only as a product for public spaces – but also as an optimal solution for homeowners.
A marketing campaign highlighting the benefits of SMART fittings, with a focus on eight key markets and three target groups.
The campaign was well received across all markets, supporting Oras Group’s brand positioning and strengthening sales within the SMART fittings category.
Saving water and improving hygiene - ‘That’s SMART’

SMART fittings are sanitary fittings embedded with touchless, Bluetooth and other intelligent functionalities. These are future-proof solutions that are increasingly in demand, especially in light of COVID-19 putting the spotlight on better hand hygiene – making the marketing campaign ‘That’s SMART’ very timely.

The campaign was developed together with Kunde & Co. The main goal was to introduce the SMART category within sanitary fittings and alert consumers and professionals about the great value and simplicity these products bring to everyday situations.

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Different key messages

The campaign launched in eight key markets with a focus on three target groups: consumers, installers and the project market.

For consumers:

The target group that received the most attention – it was essential to explain how touchless faucets help save water and reduce the spread of bacteria, making them a great choice for any home.

For installers:

The campaign delivered the message that Oras/HANSA SMART products are easy to install and maintain.

And finally, for the project market:

The aim was to communicate a better understanding of Oras/HANSA’s vast range of SMART products and how they can improve hygiene and sustainability in public and private buildings.

The campaign was built on facts as well as anecdotes offering different glimpses of everyday life made smarter

A ‘digital-first’ campaign

To demonstrate the benefits of smart faucets, the campaign was built on facts about saving water, automation and hygiene, as well as anecdotes offering different glimpses of everyday life made smarter – from the viewpoint of each target group. The campaign took a ‘digital-first’ approach and included ads, films, directe-mails, web content, online banners and social media posts.

icon-quoteCooperation between Oras Group and Kunde & Co was good and smooth throughout the whole campaign. Kunde & Co’s passion, professionalism and market understanding are at an extremely high level. Kunde understands both the different needs of the customer and the target audiences and can make a campaign a success from the very beginning – from the strategic planning until the finalisation and execution of all marketing elements.”

Maria Kuivamäki, Manager, Brand & Marketing Strategy Oras Group

To cap it off…

the ‘That’s SMART’ campaign was versioned for Oras and HANSA with just a slight colour adjustment.

Great results

All targets were reached at the end of the campaign, resulting in a positive impact on both the brand and sales.

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