Working with celebrities in creative campaigns

HTH has successfully strengthened its brand position over recent years with a distinct and consistent brand expression. With national team goalkeeper Niklas Landin and family in the lead role for the 2022 campaign, the HTH universe has gained a new dimension with high impact.

About HTH: The largest kitchen manufacturer in Northern Europe and owned by Nobia AB, HTH is listed on the Stockholm stock market and has an annual turnover of more than DKK 2 billion and more than 100 outlets in the Nordics.

To maintain HTH’s position as leading Nordic kitchen brand in a market characterised by fierce competition.
To add a new dimension to the existing creative concept by using a famous sports figure in a new attention-grabbing way.
A campaign with extremely high impact, leading to a strengthened brand position and an overall stronger HTH.
A potential collaboration

HTH has been successfully involved in Danish handball for several years and is the main sponsor of the Danish Men’s Handball League. When HTH had the chance to enter into a collaboration with Danish national handball goalkeeper Niklas Landin, it was natural to look carefully at how this opportunity could possibly be activated. HTH and Kunde & Co worked together to examine whether there was a good match between HTH’s values and those of the Danish handball player.

In examining whether this collaboration could work, it was necessary to remember the geo-related dimensions of this campaign. Niklas was a well-known face in Denmark – a celebrity. This presented an excellent opportunity for HTH in the Danish context of the project as well as challenge, as only a part of the target groups in Sweden and Norway were familiar with him. This meant the campaign needed to also work without the ‘celebrity factor’.

Perfect fit with the target group and brand

The solution was to downplay Niklas Landin as the Danish national team goalkeeper and highlight him as a down-to-earth family man, which also aligned with his own values and how he was perceived – a sympathetic, charming man who cares deeply about his family and their privacy. In the campaign, not only did Niklas Landin appear as himself, but so did his family, and this was done to emphasise family values. This concept targeted the segment HTH sought to position itself within – the close-knit family and those in the process of settling into a new home. With this in mind, the creation of the campaign began.

The campaign addressed the target audience’s kitchen dreams along with the practical needs and wants of kitchen buyers. With Niklas Landin as the down-to-earth family man as a starting point, HTH and Kunde & Co created an exciting new campaign and content to roll out across digital and analogue channels.

The new campaign received immense attention and an incredibly positive reaction, strengthening HTH’s brand appeal and sale

A surprise performance during the 2022 World Cup

To make use of Niklas Landin’s ‘celebrity effect’ in Denmark and as an extra creative twist, HTH decided to produce an additional commercial together with Kunde & Co.

The creative take was to build awareness and further sympathy around both Niklas and HTH by showing a completely new side to the sports star. As a result, Niklas is shown dancing and having fun in his kitchen with the slogan ‘Nothing builds confidence like a strong home base’. The ad ran during the 2022 World Cup every time the Danish men’s national team played and gained wide exposure.

Overall, the new campaign received immense attention and an incredibly positive reaction, strengthening HTH’s brand appeal and resulting in great sales figures.


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