A continued focused strategy with a new creative output

We have all been through a Covid-19 whirlwind during the last couple of years. Within the realm of a continued communicative strategy, Eilersen takes the time to focus on what we all need right now – a secure base and modern-day fairy tales.

About Eilersen: Danish design and sofa manufacturer, Eilersen, was founded in 1895 by coachbuilder Niels Eilersen. Since the 1930s, the company has been committed to designing furniture of the highest quality. Eilersen’s sofas have their own unique style and are sold in more than 20 countries.

To develop a new creative campaign within Eilersen’s existing creative universe, ‘Take your time’ and add new dimensions to its position as an exciting and contemporary brand
Continuation of a focused strategy as well as a new and exciting communication universe that can be renewed periodically to connect with the target group
An imaginative, communicative universe with the possibility of continual renewal that reinforced Eilersen’s position as an exclusive sofa brand leading to continued growth
Eilersen invites you to a fairy tale where you can ‘Take your time’

This focus, along with current trends and preferences, guides the development of new products. On the one hand, Eilersen has built a strong brand on consistency, following the same thoughtful strategy and template for staging and communicating its furniture. On the other hand, the company has created a playful, creative universe with room for renewal and further development, adding value to the brand. This combination has resulted in a brand with a clear identity and a unique position – it is a brand that stays relevant with its creative universe and quality products when developing new campaigns year after year.

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Creativity and continuity in one concept

With a focused strategy and a solid creative concept as a guide, Eilersen manages to retain and attract customers through continuity. At the same time, Eilersen, in collaboration with Kunde & Co, succeeds in renewing and pushing the boundaries of the concept with the development of new creative universes.

The concept ‘Take your time’ sets the scene once again for this year’s Eilersen campaign. It is a concept that, at its core, focuses on what is happening in the world today and what still brings value to the modern consumer. A prevailing feeling of uncertainty has affected people around the world over the last couple of years and still does to this day.

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Good craftsmanship and quality are at the centre of every piece of Eilersen furniture.
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There is, therefore, more than anything, a need for modern-day fairy tales and a focus on security.

With the fairy tale and legends universe as the focal point of this year’s ‘Take your time’ campaign, Eilersen continues to renew its creative output and strategy while tapping into one of today’s most relevant agendas, which is dramatised and turned into effective tableaus of people and sofas. Eilersen furniture is presented in a characteristic style that distinguishes its imagery from competitors, making it easily recognisable and ensuring a high branding impact.

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