Bucher Municipal

Moving to a single brand strategy

To become one company and one brand, leading supplier of cleaning and clearing operations, Bucher Municipal, merges more than 15 sub- and product-brands into a consolidated brand structure, and develops a unique global brand story and value proposition.

About Bucher Municipal: Leading supplier of solutions for cleaning and clearing operations within urban environments, roads and other traffic areas. Headquartered in Zürich with 2,300 employees spread across 18 production sites and more than 180 customer service centres.

To merge more than 15 sub amd product brands into one strong global brand and value position to ensure future growth.
Development and implementation of brand positioning and concept, a new brand system, new design, a new website and internal anchoring.
One united brand, a single distribution business model and an impactful story that everyone could believe in.
Clearing the way to a sustainable tomorrow

Urbanisation and climate change increases pressure on infrastructure and sets new safety and maintenance demands for roads and public spaces. For Bucher Municipal, this is an opportunity to showcase a range of proven, reliable, and innovative products for cleaning and clearing.

Long recognised as a market leader in providing solutions for sweepers and sewer cleaning equipment, winter maintenance equipment, refuse collection vehicles, and more, Bucher Municipal recognised the need to consolidate its business and build one strong brand in an otherwise fragmented global market.

The aspiration was to leverage the brand strategy by repositioning the company from selling products to selling solutions and services. This meant rolling out a more inspiring communication framework – one that could tell a clear story about who Bucher Municipal is and unite its many brands.


The journey to becoming one united brand

To become ‘one company, one brand’, Bucher Municipal worked with Kunde & Co to develop a unique brand story and value position. This involved creating a new consolidated global website to unify its numerous sub-brands and product-brands, and to develop a strong communication platform for both internal and external use. By gathering standalone sub-brands under one corporate umbrella, Bucher Municipal would be better poised to communicate a strong story with a clear and consistent brand vision across markets.

A story based on solid insights -

It involved 40+ interviews and an online survey with 1,000+ respondents from 16 markers.

icon-quoteThe process at Kunde & Co was fact-based and efficient in aligning everyone with one common strategic direction for our new global brand and story. ”

Jussi Iltamen, Chief Marketing Officer, Bucher Municipal

A story based on solid insights

Extensive internal and external testing was carried out to develop one impactful story that everyone at Bucher Municipal could believe in, aspire towards and contribute to. It involved 40+ interviews and an on line survey with 1,000+ respondents from 16 markets. Kunde & Co was able to gather in-depth insights on brand awareness, trends, values, positioning directions, brand statements and buying criteria. This formed the base for Bucher Municipal's new unique value proposition with an aligned naming structure a clear brand hierarchy.


Embracing a future ‘Driven by better’

‘Driven by better’ became the new, engaging concept and story for Bucher Municipal. It was developed to emphasise the company’s drive to constantly innovate and make cities and infrastructures cleaner and greener. In essence, the concept effectively communicates Bucher Municipal’s aspirations within sustainability and electrification, while encapsulating the DNA of the company – always building on strong quality, reliability and innovation.


An integrated communications platform across every touchpoint

Alongside a new refreshed corporate visual identity, ’Driven by better’ was implemented across multiple brand touchpoints and communication platforms. It included the design and implementation of a new corporate website that gathered all the brands under one domain. Various brand collaterals, as well as new labels for vehicles, helped Bucher Municipal to stand out from the competition with a contemporary and professional brand expression. Finally, a number of elements for internal anchoring were also developed to implement the new story efficiently within the organisation.

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