Positioning Armacell as ‘Beyond Better’

A new value proposition and a strong communication concept helped communicate Armacell’s unique value in a highly fragmented and competitive market.

About Armacell: Inventor of flexible foam for equipment isolation and a leading provider of engineered foams, Armacell is headquartered in Luxembourg with more than 3,000 employees and production plants in 15 countries.

To boost consumer perception of Armacell as a premium brand and increase market demand.
Developing a new value proposition and creating the communication concept ‘Beyond Better’ alongside a go-to-market plan and a fact book – culminating in a master rollout across 12 markets.
The outcome of the campaign was visible in a very short time. Within just a few months, key figures recorded an impressive reach, a sizeable number of impressions and a very high frequency among the target group.
Making a splash in insulation solutions

Armacell is a leading provider of insulation solutions in the B2B space and for highly technical installations like windmills and datacenters. Even so, it has been a challenge for them to showcase the difference their high-quality solutions make in various fields around the world. In collaboration with Kunde & Co, they set out to solve this challenge by increasing awareness about their impact, and thereby influencing brand affinity and elevating brand perception – with the overall aim of further growing the business.

Laying the foundation with market surveys and listening studies

The solution involved defining a strong value proposition and creating a new communication concept, as well as an efficient go-to-market plan and a fact book – all of which came together to form a strong foundation for Armacell’s multiple branding and campaign activities.

To get an in-depth understanding, Kunde & Co first talked to Armacell’s employees, management team, C-suite decision-makers, project owners and then moved on to their different customer types. The process involved 22 one-on-one interviews and an online market survey with 2,781 respondents across the world. A large global digital listening study was also conducted to deep dive into mentions of technical insulation related themes. Together, these efforts helped Armacell gain a clear understanding of their market position.

The analyses showed that Armacell's customers were divided into two segments: a price-conscious segment and a value-based segment

Getting into the customers’ mind

The analyses showed that Armacell’s customers were divided into two segments: a price-conscious segment and a value-based segment – with customers prioritising one or the other. For Armacell, the value-based segment represented the bigger potential. This segment could be developed for their premium products, and growing it was the best way to differentiate themselves from competitors.

The analyses also showed that Armacell was already ahead of the game in providing insights and performance that the market, especially the value-based segment, was looking for. However, this advantage needed to be communicated with more clarity to convince customers of Armacell’s unique value and how Armacell can enable customers to achieve optimum system performance.

Kunde & The Beyond Better concept has been very well received by our stakeholders, both internally and externally as it expresses a mindset that has existed for many years at Armacell. It differentiates us from our competitors and helps explain the unique value we deliver to our customers.”

Malte Witt, Vice President EMEA & Chief Marketing Officer, Armacell


Creating a winning concept

An engaging communication was the order of the day and the ‘Beyond Better’ concept was created to tick all the boxes. The concept line was chosen to represent excellence in a bold way – with Beyond referring to being ‘the best’ and Better describing the quality of Armacell’s products and solutions. Moreover, the concept provided a creative edge with the potential to add a descriptive phrase before or after the tagline ‘Beyond Better’ – and communicate different key messages, both for external and internal usage.

The green pane retained the familiarity of the well-known ‘Armacell green’ while introducing a visual tool to highlight facts and showcase that Armacell’s solutions deliver industry-leading performance and sustainable value to customers around the world.

Today, several campaigns within this concept have been created – some targeted at the mass market and others directed to specific target groups like data centres or specialised healthcare. In all the campaigns, 3D elements have been used to create a unique look and feel to emphasise how Armacell goes beyond better with their solutions to help customers control condensation, corrosion and system failure over time.

Making significant headway

Since the development of the new value proposition, communication concept and go-to-market strategy in autumn 2020, a comprehensive fact book has been created, and five different campaigns have been launched. The initial results of the campaign are promising. After only a few months, key figures from social media across 12 markets have shown an impressive reach, a sizeable number of impressions, and a very high video-view rate.

Most importantly, people with an interest in heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and thermal insulation have been exposed to the key messages more than seven times each – demonstrating that Armacell is able to engage with their target audience and capture mind space on key topics and significant pain points. This campaign has helped build a strong foundation based on which Kunde & Co will continue to help Armacell grow their business with marketing as a driver.

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